Nutritional and ingredients information

The falafel´s is spiced with a blend of spices (And some  oriental spices known only to Maikel Shibly´s   family out of  the Shibli village in  lower Galile near Nazareth in the Middel East.)


Chickpeas, water, wheat flour (Gluten), rapeseed oils, spices, raising agent (E500), acidity regulator (E330), salt.

The good quality and fine taste of the falafels are guaranteed by our taste masters.

Nutritional information per. 100 g

Energy 982 kJ / 234 kcal

Fat 7.5 g

- Of which saturates 0.8 g

Carbohydrate 28 g

- Of which sugars 1.5 g

Protein 10.0 g

Salt 1.5 g

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